Mondays & Missions

It’s Monday. The weather is dreary. And I only have one more day of summer. My mind is flooded with all the things I need to do before classes start on Wednesday…I’m stressing out about juggling school and multiple jobs…And the problem is, I can’t blame my days filled with panic and anxiety on anything but my own lack of reliance on my Father. I find myself worrying too often about checking things off of my to-do list and fighting too hard to stay on a strict schedule.

God is bigger than my problems and better than my plans.

This is something I will need to be reminded of constantly this semester. To be honest, I’m really nervous about the next few months of school. Not because I’m taking difficult classes (although Calc II might kick my butt), but because I’ve decided to take a 14 day trip to the other side of the world in the middle of the semester.

My “plans” for this year did not involve begging professors to allow me to miss class and make up assignments, working extra hours to have money to save, or going to a country where I’m not even sure I’m going to like any of the food (I’m kidding…kind of). My “plans” involved maintaining my 4.0 GPA, stepping away from one of my jobs, and having a relaxed and fun semester. But God is bigger than school and work, and His plans are always better than my own.

Earlier this year, Nepal experienced a major earthquake followed by intense aftershocks. Because of its location near the Indian and Eurasian Plates, Nepal is likely to experience earthquakes of all kind; but quakes of this magnitude are only expected every few hundred years. Through this devastating event, an incredible door has been opened for people to enter the country and offer physical and spiritual aid. That is what I have the opportunity to do in October.

Along with a handful of amazing people from my church, I will get to spend roughly two weeks loving on the people of Nepal. We will help with disaster relief efforts and partner with some workers that are already there. I am so excited (and slightly terrified…in a good way) to go on this trip! I feel that God is calling me towards long-term missions, and am praying this trip will offer clarity as to where He wants me after graduation.

Will you pray with and for me as I prepare for this trip? Here are a few requests:

  • Pray for my priorities to be God-glorifying, and for my heart and mind to be set on the furthering of His kingdom rather than any personal gain.
  • Pray that my anxieties about missing school will be eased, and that my professors’ hearts will be softened so that those who have not already agreed to work with me will do so.
  • Pray that I can raise enough money for my trip, both by saving my earnings and by receiving donations. More specifically, that I can rely on God to provide and not on my own ability to do so.

If you feel led to donate towards my trip, you can make a tax deductible donation via my Missions Fund page, here. I can also accept checks made out to “Ashleigh Houser” or “Providence Church” and I have a PayPal account that I can direct you to. Any amount is helpful and is greatly appreciated.


P.S. – If you want to know more about my interest in missions and what God has been laying on my heart, be looking for another post soon.


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